Etherical Now Accepts Bank To The Future BFT for ZEA

Bank To The Future tokens (BFT) are now traded on Bitfinex and and listed on Coinmarketcap.

We have added BFT to the list of coins we accept in exchange for ZEA tokens. BFT is one of 10 tokens so far in Etherical’s portfolio. This is a way for BFT holders to diversify their holdings and increase their chances of positive returns with a broader portfolio of investments, while at the same time still having exposure to future upside moves in BFT.

BitCoin and Ethereum are the main cryptocurrencies exchanged for ZEA. Etherical also accepts EOS, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and tokens from our other portfolio companies CPY, EVN, PRE and STQ

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Etherical Now Accepts Storiqa STQ for ZEA

Cryptocurrency shopping cart specialists Storiqa are now publicly traded on HitBTC, Tidex, and IDEX, and listed on Coinmarketcap.

So far the coin has struggled to perform, which can be said of every other alt-coin right now too. We believe there is significant long-term upside in Storiqa, especially at the current prices.

Accordingly we have added STQ to the list of coins we accept in exchange for ZEA tokens. STQ is one of 10 tokens so far in Etherical’s portfolio. This is a way for STQ holders to diversify their holdings and increase their chances of positive returns with a broader portfolio of investments, while at the same time still having exposure to future upside moves in STQ.

BitCoin and Ethereum are the main cryptocurrencies exchanged for ZEA. Etherical also accepts EOS, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and tokens from our other portfolio companies CPY, EVN, and PRE

To purchase tokens during our pre-sale and earn +25% bonus tokens click here.

Etherical Invests in Telegram

Token: GRAM

White Paper

Web Site

Telegram’s private sale is one of the most hotly demanded crypto offerings to date. Telegram has almost 200 million users, and is adding 500,000 per day, making it one of the fastest growing apps in Internet history.

Etherical has 2 channels there, please join us:

Telegram have raised $850 million so far from 81 investors in their private sale, including Silicon Valley venture capital heavyweights Sequoia Capital and Benchmark. They have extended their capital raising to a second private round, aiming to raise a total of $1.6 billion – which would make it the biggest ICO ever.

The funds will be used to expand Telegram’s platform beyond messaging to payments, storage, and identity management. They are creating TON – The Open Network, designed to host a new generation of cryptocurrencies and distributed applications.

Once a customer has passed Know Your Customer identification checks on TON, they will not have to supply this information for every new ICO they want to participate in.

The total number of blockchain wallets worldwide was estimated at around 21 million at the end of 2017. Telegram’s gigantic user base offers the best opportunity we have seen yet to bring cryptocurrency to the mass market.

So far Telegram’s sale is not open to the public, beware of scams claiming differently. Forbes just published an article Dear Crypto Enthusiasts, Forget The Telegram ICO, It’s Not For You.

Shelly Hod Moyal, co-CEO of Israeli-based venture capital firm iAngels, is part of the Telegram capital raise. “I really can’t predict the price of [GRAM] because there are so many variables at this point, but if they accomplish even half of what they set out to do I think it can be a top 10 coin,” she says.

[Source: Forbes, March 2018]

Etherical invested at a 35% discount to the planned public sale price. This is a great example of how Etherical Alpha provides ZEA holders with the opportunity to participate in deals that they couldn’t get into otherwise. You might not have a spare $20 million lying around to invest in the hottest new ICO, but with ZEA you can have similar investments in your portfolio as the biggest professional investment funds.



Etherical Now Accepts Copytrack CPY, Envion EVN and Presearch PRE Tokens

Some of the tokens in Etherical’s portfolio are now publicly traded. We believe there is still significant upside in these tokens. Accordingly, we are pleased to announce that we have expanded the cryptocurrencies we accept for ZEA purchase to include these alt-coins.

For holders of these tokens, swapping them out to Etherical is a smart way to hedge your investment. You are still rewarded from upside moves of the token, because Etherical makes a payout when it exits a position profitably. You also get upside exposure to the other tokens in Etherical’s portfolio.

ZEA token holders benefit because purchases being made with these tokens will increase the size of Etherical’s position, leading to more potential gains in the future.

To purchase ZEA using PRE, CPY, or EVN just fill out our Token Sale form and select the appropriate token from the Currency drop-down list. Send an amount equivalent to at least 5 ZEA to our ERC20 token wallet:




Etherical Invests in BnkToTheFuture (BFT)

Bank To The Future ( offers a platform that standardizes investment pitches, making it easy for investors to buy into ICOs and early-stage ventures.

Token: BFT

White Paper

One Page Overview

They have 47,500 investors using their platform including Virgin group founder Richard Branson.

The company began in 2010 and has helped some well known names in Fintech to raise funds.

Bank To The Future raised $30 million in 15 hours from their existing client base for their pre-ICO. Their public ICO offered tokens at the same price (US$0.10) with a maximum of 100,000 tokens. It sold out in 2 minutes 17 seconds.

Etherical was able to get into the public sale, purchasing the maximum amount.

We believe the large existing community of high net worth individuals (HNWIs)  and strong demand for BFT tokens will lead to significant price appreciation.

Etherical Invests in BitCar

Etherical has bought into the first tranche of the public token sale of Bitcar, based in Singapore and coming out of Perth, Australia.


White Paper


Token Sale

Medium post

Bitcar are selling 250 million of 500 million tokens in 4 tranches, after having raised US$5 million in their pre-sale.

The basic idea of BitCar is tokenizing ownership of Exotic Cars. As well as their BITCAR token, specific CAR tokens will be issued to provide fractional ownership of each investment asset.

Other than cryptocurrency, exotic cars have been one of the best performing asset classes. This type of super-rare, highly valuable, coveted asset increases in demand as world population grows, and tends to be recession-proof.

In this sense Bitcar is a hedge, by putting crypto into a non-crypto asset. We think that Bitcar has the potential to do very well as a token. You might not be able to afford a Bugatti Veyron or Mclaren P1, but you can afford some tokens in the ownership of one (no, you don’t get to drive the cars; cars at this level are an investment, one which depreciates with mileage).

Investment in this high-performing asset class was previously open only to the very wealthy. Tokenization makes it available to anyone.

The demographic of who is active in cryptocurrency in the world today is mostly men, and mostly young. Young men are into exotic cars, but usually lack the resources to acquire them outright. Tokenization makes it possible to become a part owner of an exotic car.

Bitcar seem highly aware of their market niche, and have already partnered with  one crypto-supercar dealer Moonlambos who will accept BITCAR as payment. We like the underlying business of Bitcar, but we believe the “cool factor” of hypercar appeal could drive appreciation in token value even more than  revenues and profits in the business.

Most of Bitcar’s team were also involved in the recent PowerLedger ICO, their POWR token has been very successful since launch. They know what they are doing and have the resources to ensure the success of their ventures. The members have a personal passion for this market space, which could add to the already strong enthusiasm for this coin.

The technology and business have been under development since 2015. A working prototype of the technology was built and used in 2016, and updated in 2017. It usually takes 2-3 initial generations of software to build something lasting. The presence of the prototypes reduces risk for investors, since the development challenges have already been solved.

We expect Bitcar’s token to outperform the underlying assets, and that token demand will be particularly strong in Asian markets. The appeal of “owning a Lamborghini for $100” is potentially even stronger than the desire to invest in this asset class.


Etherical Invests in Sharpay SHRP

Etherical is pleased to announce a new investment in

White Paper

Pitch Deck


Token Sale

We received +55% bonus during their pre-ICO, and purchased 775,000 SHRP

Sharpay’s motto is “sharing is the new mining”. Their idea is to monetize the Share button with cryptocurrency. This aligns with our belief in “Internet 3.0”, that a new Internet is being built on the blockchain where people will be paid to do the things they are already doing for free.

They also have a useful innovation in “multi-share”, where users can click the Shar button once and share to Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Tumblr, LinkedIn and other platforms. This drives engagement and traffic for web sites, which gives them an incentive to add the Sharpay button.

The company has been developing the idea since 2014, and holds a patent in the Russian Federation. Some of the proceeds from their crowdsale will be used to extend the patent protection worldwide.

Sharpay’s pre-ICO is open until Feb 11, or until they reach their pre-ICO hard cap of 2500 ETH. The bonus is 50%, 55% for more than 10 ETH, 60% for more than 50 ETH.

The Sharpay main ICO will launch March 1. They will seek listing on exchanges, and will also be using 90% of the funds raised in their ICO to buy back tokens.

Sharpay is one of the Top 5 rated ICOs in the world at ICOBench, with a score of 4.8/5 (read review)

For site administrators, they get more traffic because their audience now has a financial incentive to share the site on their social networks.

For users, the incentive is to earn SHRP by sharing sites. This can then be converted to fiat currency or swapped for other alt-coins at exchanges,

The name is a play on the word “Share” and “Pay”; “shar pei” is a type of dog. Hence their logo.

Join the Sharpay Community







Web Site


Etherical Invests in 3DToken Pre-ICO (Video Interview)

Etherical is pleased to announce our Stage 1 participation in the 3D Token ICO. As part of the deal, we have done a token swap to double our 3D Token position in exchange for ZEA.

Interview With 3D-Token CEO

Press Release


Turin, Italy – January 2018

3D-Token, which is running on the back of an already existing business (Politronica SRL) have launched their Initial Coin Offering in one of the most exciting and dynamic spaces on the Internet. Just-In-Time manufacturing has been revolutionizing the corporate world for many years, but now the possibilities of advanced 3D printing technology are unlocking new markets and bringing infinite possibilities of creation to empower the people.

Etherical advisor Steve Outtrim said “Building on a world renowned tradition of Italian design and craftsmanship, Alessandro Chiolerio – who has research experience at NASA among others – and his team have come up with a grand vision that will make the whole world more creative. There is a real depth to the underlying technology, including nanotech patents and collaborations in fields like aerospace and electromagnetism . At this early stage Etherical was able to participate in their coin offering at a particularly attractive price that fits the motto of buy low, sell high. The potential option for token holders to receive publicly traded shares in the future mitigates risk and provides additional upside, which is a win-win.”

3D-Token CEO Alessandro Chiolerio said “Our project is all about THE JUST-IN-TIME FACTORY 4.0, building a blockchain managed network of thousands of 3D-printers, creating a revolutionary new concept of small to medium scale just-in-time digital manufacturing. Applying this Network Robots Workforce we will be able to give birth to thousands of innovating manufacturing projects disrupting the traditional industry standards on time-to-market and product cost. We would like to thank Etherical for their enthusiastic support of our vision. We have a world class team of people who are determined to make the biggest success possible. Our business has been running since 2009 and has won numerous awards, our technology has already been proven and this token sale is an opportunity for us to implement a global rollout of our vision.”

ABOUT 3D-Token ICO (Token: 3DT)

3D-Token is running on the back of Politronica, which was launched as a spin-off company of the Italian Institute of Technology of Turin, Italy. Politronica took part in many National and EU Research Projects, with a budget of 2.5 Million Euros. It employs 15 professionals, half of them in R & D.

Telegram: 3D-Token ICO

ABOUT Etherical (Token: ZEA) is a pre-ICO token fund. Etherical buys into new coin offerings at the earliest possible stage, to get the best possible prices and the most potential for gains. Etherical pays back half the net gains to ZEA token holders, and reapplies the other half into new tokens. Etherical’s token pre-sale is open now with a +20% purchase bonus.

twitter: @ethericalio



Etherical Invests in STQ Storiqa ICO

We are pleased to announce that we have added Storiqa to Etherical Alpha’s portfolio. Storiqa is creating an online marketplace where you can buy all types of physical products from all around the world with cryptocurrency.

White Paper


Token Sale

Token Address – 0x5c3a228510D246b78a3765C20221Cbf3082b44a4
Token name – STQ
Decimals – 18.

The project has agreements in place already to be listed on exchanges HitBTC, EtherDelta and Hksy, as early as mid-February or March.

Storiqa have raised US$22m already and we were able to purchase at $0.008c with 6% token bonus. This price is still available for a few more hours, please use our referral code and any bonus tokens will get added to the Etherical Alpha fund.

Minimum investment is US$50 so this is a pre-ICO that anyone can participate in.

Effective purchase price of US$1082.70/ETH, 135338 STQ per ETH

Storiqa founder Ruslan Tugushev is CEO of Boomstarter, which has kick-started more than 1500 small businesses. This has given him and his team insight into what is needed for small local companies to competitively access the global market. The question “what can I buy with cryptocurrency” is still quite limited. With Storiqa the range potentially expands to the wide variety or products that are for sale on eBay or Etsy with this technology. The blockchain adds a level of trust and Storiqa’s business model is to provide 24/7 customer support, marketing and operations tools, and shipping capabilities to merchants anywhere in the world, across multiple languages.

We see an underlying mega-trend of people on the blockchain looking for increasingly unique and unusual products from around the world, in contrast to overpriced high street brands or the big box store experience. Think local, shop global.

As the number of online stores using STQ increases, demand will increase and the token price can be expected to rise. There is low technology risk since most of what we can see in this platform is widely available already online. There may be competitive risk for the company in the medium-to-long term, but this is not our concern as a pre-ICO investor. We are just looking at the likelihood of this token to meet our performance goals. With $22m raised we believe it will go to market and they can meet their roadmap (which began in 2016).

STQ will be initially priced at US$0.03 when the project goes live for retailers, which would be a 275% return for us.

In making this investment we considered negative sentiment about Storiqa expressed at thehackingteam and on Reddit, and complaints about them  banning people in their Telegram group . This is offset by visible efforts of Storiqa at BitcoinTalk facing their critics head on. Telegram is a mixed bag, it is a breeding ground for scammers and trolls, sometimes people need to be banned. Storiqa have 15,921 members on Telegram, so there is a real community already supporting this token. Some are enthusiastically claiming it “the biggest ICO to ever hit crypto markets”

Storiqa’s Alexa ranking is quite impressive, they are already in the Top 25,000 web sites in the world before they have even launched.


We wish Storiqa all the best in their endeavors.

Join the community: Website:

CEO Interview (English subtitles)



Portfolio Update

Presearch hit a new high on Coinmarketcap of 27.5248, a gain of +26.5% from Etherical’s buy price. The price of PRE has been a little volatile but seems to have solid support.

It is currently at 24c, still a gain of +20% for Etherical. We seek gains above 100% before considering exiting some or all of our positions.

Etherical is increasing its position in SHELTERCOIN (SHLT). This is currently showing a gain of +25% from our buy price. They are still in the early stages of their pre-ICO and keep getting pulled into disasters, presently the Thomas Fire in Southern California. Expect a PR blitz in the New Year.

Things are moving extremely quickly with Envion’s ICO. Etherical’s investment has already appreciated from US$0.70 cents per token to $US$0.80, a gain of +14.2%


| Zug, CH / Berlin, DE Dec. 19th 2017 |
Already raised since Dec 15th: 34,793,900.41 USD

Envion signs Letter of Intent with Enel

Envion is happy to announce that it has signed a LOI with Enel Trading North America, LLC for a potential power supply cooperation for envion’s MMUs.

Enel is a Fortune 100 company.  The Italian multinational manufacturer and distributor of electricity, operates in more than 30 countries with 70,000 employees and 70 billion euro of revenue (2016). Enel Green Powercurrently operates 1259 renewable power plants with 41521.37 MW capacity in Canada, North-, Central- & South-America, as well as Europe, South-Africa and India.

Envion intends to deploy Mobile Mining Units directly at ENEL power plants for cryptocurrency mining operations.  Both parties intend to discuss the possibility of entering into an electricity offtake agreement.

Enel is also on Fortune’s “Change the World” list for its commitment to become CO2-free by 2050. Envion’s goal is to access the least expensive electricity sources on the planet – using a very green, eco-friendly energy mix. For example, Mexico’s energy auction just logged the lowest solar power price on the planet — purchased by Enel.

A breakdown of the winning bids, published by Electrek, shows Italian developer Enel pitching two solar lots at $17.70 per megawatt-hour, or just 1.77 cents per kilowatt-hour — the lowest bid achieved anywhere in the world so far. (read more)
Enel Website ● Enel Green Power Website ● Enel on Wikipedia
$5 million contribution from major investor caps off envion’s blowout $30 million weekend.

A major investor made a massive splash with a $5M ticket to lead this weekend’s USD 31,000,000 combined investment, eyeing a third-party-operations deal up to nine figures after the ICO and boosting envion’s ICO fast towards its goal.

The investor, a private investment vehicle from Hong Kong, is not currently involved in the crypto mining space and could purchase 1,000 MMUs if the full terms of the deal were to be executed.  This Third-Party Operation business (TPO) will directly contribute to token holder profits since envion shares 35% of TPO mining operations profits with all of our ICO investors.
Envion sets the stage for complete domination of the blockchain infrastructure space

The map is filling up with locations for envion MMUs as envion accrues deal after deal with global energy industry players. Partnerships like those proposed with Enel, Fortuitus AG, and a long list of potential partners stretching from Iceland to South Africa and Japan will assure that envion MMUs gain a secure foothold in world energy markets

The time to invest is now.  
Envion’s early supporters have already benefited from a 30% discount and a 20% discount is currently available to those who invest before Thursday, December 21st at 12pm GMT.

Visit for your opportunity to invest alongside some of the biggest companies in the world and make your mark on the map alongside envion.