Etherical Half-Year Update – June 2018

Payout, Split and New Token Complete

Our new token ZEA is on the blockchain.

Address: 0x95B933F6Fd4A14BCF985fbBCce7eF11779DA48A0
Decimals: 8

ZEA now sell for 0.00003 ETH per ZEA

We have completed our combined two payouts followed by 1000:1 token split. You should have received your new tokens.

When Etherical Alpha exits a position profitably, half the net gain is paid back to token holders, half gets reinvested in new token sales. Payout #2 (BFT) was 0.04013 ZEA per ZEA; payout #3 (BFT) was 0.02159 ZEA per ZEA. These amounts were both added to the old ZEA balance, then the 1000:1 split was applied.

The new ZEA is actually a whole new token, the old one is being deprecated.

ICO Date Set

The ICO date is set in the token for September 23 2018. This is subject to change, if we are ready earlier then we may launch earlier, if the market is still weak then we might delay the launch.

The ICO will offer bonus tokens to early purchasers, with the amount of bonus decreasing over time.

Right now the base bonus is +50% and the price is 0.00003 ETH per ZEA. Funds raised between now and the ICO will be spent marketing the ICO.

Referral codes work as before with additional bonuses.

Performance to date

Etherical’s first sale was November 10, 2017, so we are officially half a year old. Here are the numbers as of June 11, 2018

ZEA issued: 32,596,669
Market Cap: $521,494.55

Investments made: 12
Current portfolio (Alpha): 11
Portfolio book value: $260,036.24

Payouts made: 3
Payout total: $19,180.90
Payout return (ZEA): +21.89%
Token splits: 1
ROI (incl payout): 57.8%

Here’s what we’ve raised, about US$177,000:

BTC 4.50  $6,801.74  $30,615.58
ETH 259.17  $521.78  $135,229.72
LTC 59.18  $105.65  $6,253.26
EOS 342.54  $11.27  $3,860.53
BCH 0.31  $929.29  $296.72
CASH/EQ  $700.00

Adding the payout to book value, Etherical Alpha has outperformed the market by 57.8%. Factoring in the expenses, Etherical has increased its position +90%. We think it is still early days for most of the tokens in our portfolio, and there is the potential for significantly more growth. For example Presearch just hit 125,000 users, we expect them to continue growing exponentially.

zMint Costs 10%  $17,695.58
Maintenance Fees 2%  $2,693.14
Performance Fees 20%  $9,590.45  $29,979.17


Plus Payouts ROI
Payout 1 PRE 266.82%  $12,030.56
Payout 2 BFT 92.62%  $4,622.84
Payout 3 BFT 111.33%  $2,527.50  $19,180.90
Average ROI 156.92%

Closing the Alpha Fund.

We have spent 90% of the token sales on buying other tokens, and only 10% on expenses. We have come a long way on $17,000 but a high-profile ICO can cost millions.

Some people like to see a large team, famous advisors and a prestigious law firm attached to an ICO. All these things cost big money for dubious benefit. For what Etherical is doing, it is the performance over time that matters. We think we have built a solid portfolio with good medium term prospects, and we are happy with the way we have outperformed the market and generated returns from successful trades.

We are going to keep things lean, but no matter what there are going to be marketing, back office and exchange listing expenses. If we raise enough funds to do the next phase properly we will be able to promote ZEA at crypto conferences, as well as banner advertising and influencer marketing.

Right now we have 138 token holders, 32,596,669 tokens issued out of 1,000,000,000 maximum, and a portfolio worth US$260,000. In the public ICO we could add thousands of new ZEA holders. This could dilute the payouts from the current portfolio significantly.

To have the most successful ICO we should do an Airdrop and Bounty program, and aim to build a Telegram group of 5000+. A large community in theory means a healthy market for the ZEA token to trade in, so this is desirable. It would not be fair if people joined later for free and that meant those who spent their own money ended up with smaller payouts.

We would like to reward our earliest supporters the most. So how do we raise the money we need for a full ICO without substantially diluting payouts for everybody?

It has taken some time but we think we have found a solution that creates value for everyone. We are going to have multiple funds, early supporters get payouts from everything. New supporters will join each new portfolio.

We have now closed the Alpha portfolio. It will continue buying and selling tokens and making payouts, but it will only grow from profit. We have taken a final snapshot of all wallets and ZEA amounts. To earn payouts from this portfolio, you will need to keep your ZEA tokens in your registered wallet (Proof of Stake). The number of tokens in the wallet on the blockchain as of June 12, 2018 is the maximum possible payout share for that wallet from Etherical Alpha portfolio. The payout is per token, which means if you hold less than your maximum amount in your wallet, you will get less payout. If you have more ZEA than the maximum, you will not get any more payout than the maximum.

If you want to change your registered wallet address that will be possible. One wallet can be linked to multiple portfolios, or you can have a different registered wallet for each Etherical portfolio if you prefer.

This creates more value for everyone because now the wallet itself becomes valuable, even if you sold all the tokens. You could sell someone the private key to your wallet, they could purchase ZEA from our crowdsale or an exchange and transfer them to that wallet and earn payouts from its portfolio up to the maximum token level. Any time anyone with a registered wallet sells their ZEA, that means that the other Alpha participants will get a bigger share of future payouts.

The Etherical Alpha wallets will be whitelisted for Etherical’s new Bravo portfolio, so you will be eligible for payouts from both portfolios.

If we do not sell out all the ZEA during the ICO, we will do the same thing again: close the Bravo fund once a portfolio has been established, and raise other funds in future ICOs.

In summary, existing ZEA token holders will get payouts from every Etherical fund. Future participants will get payouts from any portfolio their wallet is registered to, but will not be able to register their wallet to portfolios that have closed before they joined.

We reserve the right to completely liquidate any portfolio at any time. When a portfolio is liquidated, all positions will be sold at market price and the total amount converted to ETH and shared amongst the registered token holders.

Our Next Portfolio: Etherical Bravo

We are going to make some changes to payouts and scope for Etherical Bravo.

The ICO market has changed substantially since we launched Etherical Alpha in Q4 2017. Institutional money has entered the crypto market and daily trading volumes have skyrocketed. A bearish market for Bitcoin and Ethereum has had a strongly negative affect on alt-coins. Many promising ICOs have seen their token plummet to a fraction of its value after listing on exchanges. This creates a great buying opportunity in line with Etherical’s philosophy of Buy Low, Sell High. Etherical Alpha was designed to invest in pre-ICOs, not tokens that are already public.

The market has changed from a savers market (HODL), to a speculators market (trade). The dynamic between Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and alt-coins creates many interesting opportunities for traders. We remain extremely bullish on crypto and both trading volumes and daily transaction volumes on the blockchain are continuing to grow strongly. This is just the beginning.

Accordingly, Bravo will take a broader approach – considering both pre- and post-ICO opportunities. We are still looking for early stage tokens where market cap is small, there is a strong sense of community and the tokenomics suggest demand will rise over time. We will not always be investing before or during the ICO. Although the fund will trade its positions, it will not be high-frequency. Some of the funds raised in Etherical Bravo may go to tokens already held in Etherical Alpha, if buying opportunities seem good.

The fund will pay out quarterly, provided the position has increased more than 10% for the quarter. Payouts will be made in the first 15 days on each calendar quarter. The payout amount will be variable based on market conditions.

Registered wallet holders will be given the option to take their payouts in ETH, or ZEA at a bonus multiplier rate. The bonus multiplier will be available until all ZEA have been issued. After that payouts will be in ETH.

Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Compliance

We added code to our token for compliance with European Union KYC/AML laws. We will also be changing our website over the coming weeks to support individual logins. zMint Group OÜ will be handling Etherical’s token sale, they are licensed by the government of Estonia to operate cryptocurrency wallets and exchange tokens. Etherical’s web site is hosted in Estonia and our smart contracts and wallets are operated from Estonia via virtual private network.

KYC compliance means that we are introducing whitelisting. To participate in the ICO, the ERC20 wallet must first be approved. Participants are required to upload 2 forms of ID: a passport or drivers license, and something with proof of address such as a bank statement or utility bill. We require the full name, address, and email address of every ZEA purchaser.

All existing wallets in the Alpha portfolio have been registered and will be whitelisted for the ICO.

Whitelisting is not available to residents of the United States, New Zealand or Estonia. Exceptions can be made for corporations or professional investors who wish to invest more than 10 ETH, subject to documentation. Please email for details.

We thank you for your support of Etherical, and look forward to what the next half-year will bring.

Best regards,
The Etherical Team

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