Etherical Invests in BnkToTheFuture (BFT)

Bank To The Future ( offers a platform that standardizes investment pitches, making it easy for investors to buy into ICOs and early-stage ventures.

Token: BFT

White Paper

One Page Overview

They have 47,500 investors using their platform including Virgin group founder Richard Branson.

The company began in 2010 and has helped some well known names in Fintech to raise funds.

Bank To The Future raised $30 million in 15 hours from their existing client base for their pre-ICO. Their public ICO offered tokens at the same price (US$0.10) with a maximum of 100,000 tokens. It sold out in 2 minutes 17 seconds.

Etherical was able to get into the public sale, purchasing the maximum amount.

We believe the large existing community of high net worth individuals (HNWIs)  and strong demand for BFT tokens will lead to significant price appreciation.