Etherical Invests in Olyseum Sports ICO

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This Etherical Alpha investment took place some time ago, we have been waiting to receive confirmation that the ICO was proceeding.

Token: OLY

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In 2018 we live in a world of influencer marketing, and the biggest influencers of all are sports stars. There is no bigger sport in the world than soccer, or football as it is known everywhere except Australia and the United States.

You have probably heard of David Beckham, former player for Manchester United and Real Madrid, captain of England and husband of Posh Spice. He makes more money from endorsements than he ever did from football – $75 million in one recent year.

As big and famous as Beckham is, according to Google trends he pales in comparison to Andrés Iniesta and Carles Puyol of FC Barcelona. These are not just some of the biggest footballers in the world, they are among the biggest social media accounts too. Iniesta is currently ranked #78 in the world on Twitter, with 23.3 million followers. He’s also #84 on Instagram, where he has 24.2 million followers. Carles Puyol is no slouch either, with 11 million on Twitter and 8.1 million on Instagram

Last year they created the Olyseum mobile app for Iniesta’s community. Now they are making it available to other sports stars as a way to connect them closer to their fans. They are creating the OLY token to monetize those interactions.

To do this they have teamed up with infamous hacker Kevin Mitnick. Mitnick went to jail in 1995 for 5 years but since then has been consulting to the world’s biggest companies to improve their cybersecurity.

There have been a number of celebrity-linked ICOs before, with names such as Floyd Mayweather and Paris Hilton providing endorsements. Olyseum is different from these because they have an existing application, a direct link between the sporting activities of the players and the use of the app, and some solid technical people. Etherical is looking for drivers of demand that can be sustained.

The proposition that a sports star can have their own app and connect directly to their fans seems like an easy sell. It is clear that brands want to pay money to advertise to those audiences. There is no restriction of OLY to soccer, the technology could apply to individuals or teams in any sport – as well as non-sport organizers. Adding a token which creates an economy around the community brings the existing Olyseum app into Internet 3.0, which means it has potential to become a disruptive new business model. The big-name endorsement of Iniesta and Puyol brings an existing massive audience as well as media attention. This is paying off with a profile in Fortune already.

The Olyseum Pre-ICO hit its $3 million cap in about a week, with 130 investors.

Olyseum’s CEO is Carlos Grenoir, who envisages a new world connecting brands to sports audiences via social media.

Olyseum have just posted their roadmap:

Football is a massive economy. The revenues just of FIFA are predicted to be close to $4 billion this year. Behind that money are a large number of players. Most players these days have social media profiles and large followings, but very few are able to monetize their fan bases directly over the Internet.


Football is definitely the global game, as search data from Google shows. Even in the countries where it is not the national sport, it still has enormous followings.