Etherical Invests in Sharpay SHRP

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We received +55% bonus during their pre-ICO, and purchased 775,000 SHRP

Sharpay’s motto is “sharing is the new mining”. Their idea is to monetize the Share button with cryptocurrency. This aligns with our belief in “Internet 3.0”, that a new Internet is being built on the blockchain where people will be paid to do the things they are already doing for free.

They also have a useful innovation in “multi-share”, where users can click the Shar button once and share to Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Tumblr, LinkedIn and other platforms. This drives engagement and traffic for web sites, which gives them an incentive to add the Sharpay button.

The company has been developing the idea since 2014, and holds a patent in the Russian Federation. Some of the proceeds from their crowdsale will be used to extend the patent protection worldwide.

Sharpay’s pre-ICO is open until Feb 11, or until they reach their pre-ICO hard cap of 2500 ETH. The bonus is 50%, 55% for more than 10 ETH, 60% for more than 50 ETH.

The Sharpay main ICO will launch March 1. They will seek listing on exchanges, and will also be using 90% of the funds raised in their ICO to buy back tokens.

Sharpay is one of the Top 5 rated ICOs in the world at ICOBench, with a score of 4.8/5 (read review)

For site administrators, they get more traffic because their audience now has a financial incentive to share the site on their social networks.

For users, the incentive is to earn SHRP by sharing sites. This can then be converted to fiat currency or swapped for other alt-coins at exchanges,

The name is a play on the word “Share” and “Pay”; “shar pei” is a type of dog. Hence their logo.

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