Etherical Invests in STQ Storiqa ICO

We are pleased to announce that we have added Storiqa to Etherical Alpha’s portfolio. Storiqa is creating an online marketplace where you can buy all types of physical products from all around the world with cryptocurrency.

White Paper


Token Sale

Token Address – 0x5c3a228510D246b78a3765C20221Cbf3082b44a4
Token name – STQ
Decimals – 18.

The project has agreements in place already to be listed on exchanges HitBTC, EtherDelta and Hksy, as early as mid-February or March.

Storiqa have raised US$22m already and we were able to purchase at $0.008c with 6% token bonus. This price is still available for a few more hours, please use our referral code and any bonus tokens will get added to the Etherical Alpha fund.

Minimum investment is US$50 so this is a pre-ICO that anyone can participate in.

Effective purchase price of US$1082.70/ETH, 135338 STQ per ETH

Storiqa founder Ruslan Tugushev is CEO of Boomstarter, which has kick-started more than 1500 small businesses. This has given him and his team insight into what is needed for small local companies to competitively access the global market. The question “what can I buy with cryptocurrency” is still quite limited. With Storiqa the range potentially expands to the wide variety or products that are for sale on eBay or Etsy with this technology. The blockchain adds a level of trust and Storiqa’s business model is to provide 24/7 customer support, marketing and operations tools, and shipping capabilities to merchants anywhere in the world, across multiple languages.

We see an underlying mega-trend of people on the blockchain looking for increasingly unique and unusual products from around the world, in contrast to overpriced high street brands or the big box store experience. Think local, shop global.

As the number of online stores using STQ increases, demand will increase and the token price can be expected to rise. There is low technology risk since most of what we can see in this platform is widely available already online. There may be competitive risk for the company in the medium-to-long term, but this is not our concern as a pre-ICO investor. We are just looking at the likelihood of this token to meet our performance goals. With $22m raised we believe it will go to market and they can meet their roadmap (which began in 2016).

STQ will be initially priced at US$0.03 when the project goes live for retailers, which would be a 275% return for us.

In making this investment we considered negative sentiment about Storiqa expressed at thehackingteam and on Reddit, and complaints about them  banning people in their Telegram group . This is offset by visible efforts of Storiqa at BitcoinTalk facing their critics head on. Telegram is a mixed bag, it is a breeding ground for scammers and trolls, sometimes people need to be banned. Storiqa have 15,921 members on Telegram, so there is a real community already supporting this token. Some are enthusiastically claiming it “the biggest ICO to ever hit crypto markets”

Storiqa’s Alexa ranking is quite impressive, they are already in the Top 25,000 web sites in the world before they have even launched.


We wish Storiqa all the best in their endeavors.

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CEO Interview (English subtitles)