Etherical Now Accepts Copytrack CPY, Envion EVN and Presearch PRE Tokens

Some of the tokens in Etherical’s portfolio are now publicly traded. We believe there is still significant upside in these tokens. Accordingly, we are pleased to announce that we have expanded the cryptocurrencies we accept for ZEA purchase to include these alt-coins.

For holders of these tokens, swapping them out to Etherical is a smart way to hedge your investment. You are still rewarded from upside moves of the token, because Etherical makes a payout when it exits a position profitably. You also get upside exposure to the other tokens in Etherical’s portfolio.

ZEA token holders benefit because purchases being made with these tokens will increase the size of Etherical’s position, leading to more potential gains in the future.

To purchase ZEA using PRE, CPY, or EVN just fill out our Token Sale form and select the appropriate token from the Currency drop-down list. Send an amount equivalent to at least 5 ZEA to our ERC20 token wallet: