Etherical Now Accepts Storiqa STQ for ZEA

Cryptocurrency shopping cart specialists Storiqa are now publicly traded on HitBTC, Tidex, and IDEX, and listed on Coinmarketcap.

So far the coin has struggled to perform, which can be said of every other alt-coin right now too. We believe there is significant long-term upside in Storiqa, especially at the current prices.

Accordingly we have added STQ to the list of coins we accept in exchange for ZEA tokens. STQ is one of 10 tokens so far in Etherical’s portfolio. This is a way for STQ holders to diversify their holdings and increase their chances of positive returns with a broader portfolio of investments, while at the same time still having exposure to future upside moves in STQ.

BitCoin and Ethereum are the main cryptocurrencies exchanged for ZEA. Etherical also accepts EOS, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and tokens from our other portfolio companies CPY, EVN, and PRE

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