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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I Want In! Now What?

To participate in our crowd sale takes just 4 steps. Once you complete these steps you will be able to buy and sell other digital tokens also.

  1. Purchase some Ethereum (ETH). You can do this from Coinbase or other exchanges listed below with credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal.
  2. Get a MyEtherWallet address to receive ZEA tokens. See our Simple Step By Step Guide On How To Set Up MyEtherWallet.
  3. Send ETH from your Coinbase account to us: 0x48c53d7461bd0a3e968ef64cd85a7a0feb0c4d74
  4. Fill out our token sale form. For Sending Wallet, put your Coinbase ETH address (click Receive under ETH Wallet)
    For receiving wallet, put your MyEtherWallet address

Submit the form and you’re done. We will email you a receipt and  send out your ZEA tokens usually within 24-48 hours.

  • How can I get BitCoin or Ethereum so I can purchase your tokens?

Here are some popular ways to purchase BitCoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH) with credit cards, bank transfer or PayPal :


USA, UK, Canada, Europe:


New Zealand:








Central and South America:

Middle East & North Africa: BitOasis

Africa: BitPesa, Golix

Other countries,,


Here is a tutorial on how to set up a Coinbase account using their mobile app or desktop web browser:

  • Why Do I Have to Verify My Account at an Exchange?

An account at an exchange is like a bank account. It is important to have good security. Most exchanges will ask you to provide identification documents as part of a Know Your Customer legal requirement. You may find it easier to do this with the mobile version of Coinbase downloaded from the App Store, than on a computer.

Many exchanges such as Coinbase ask you to confirm charging two small transactions to your credit card. This is a safe and low cost way to verify your account.


  • What Is 2-Factor Authentication And How Do I Use It?

Many exchanges use a double-step method to log in. They will text or email you a code, or ask you to use Authenticator. This is a free application that can be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store. It gives you a unique code which is then use to log into the system.


  •  How can I get an Ethereum wallet to receive your tokens?

PLEASE NOTE: you will not be able to receive tokens directly to exchange accounts or to Coinbase, Jaxx, Exodus or Xapo wallets.

You will need to create an Ethereum wallet for free at

Please follow this step-by-step guide to walk you through this process.

Make sure you keep a copy of your pass phrase(s) and private key(s). If you lose these you may not be able to access your tokens.

MyEtherWallet can be linked to hardware wallets such as Trezor and Ledger Nano S.

Simple Step By Step Guide to Set up MyEtherWallet


  • What is the Token Address?

Enter the following details:

Token Contract Address


Token Symbol





  • What Security Tips Should I Be Aware Of?

Never access your wallet over a public Wi-Fi network.

Use a passphrase, rather than a password. For example “The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog 33%”. Longer pass phrases are much more difficult to crack than short passwords.

Make sure you keep a copy of your pass phrase and private key. You can save this in an encrypted zip file and upload that to the cloud, such as in a DropBox. Or you can print it and keep the piece of paper somewhere secure, such as in a safe. Both these options will let you re-connect to your wallet even if your computer is stolen or damaged.

Using a hardware wallet like Trezor or Ledger Nano S greatly improves your security.

  • How Long Does It Take To Receive Tokens?

Usually 2-3 business days.

  • How Often Do You Pay Out to Token Holders?

Etherical pays out every time it exits a position profitably. Half the net gains are paid to token holders.

It is not possible to predict when future exits will happen, or how much profit will be made each time.

  • What Cryptocurrency Are Token Payouts Made In?

Payouts will be made in ETH or ZEA at a bonus multiplier rate until all ZEA have been issued. After that, payouts will be made only in ETH.

  • What Exchanges Will ZEA Be Listed On?

After our ICO is complete, our tokens will be tradeable and we will seek listing on various alt-coin exchanges. The decision to list a token is up to the exchange, so at this stage it is not possible to predict which exchanges will trade ZEA.

  • I Filled Out Your Order Form. How Do I Know If I Received My Tokens?

You need to send us cryptocurrency from your wallet, as well as filling out the form. You can check your wallet at to confirm that your tokens were sent (if sending Ethereum or EOS) or (if sending Bitcoin or Litecoin).

To check if your tokens arrived, enter your Receiving Address at and click the Token Transfers tab.

After placing an order, you should receive a receipt from us within 2-3 business days.

  • Why Is The Price of ZEA Different In Different Cryptocurrencies?

The price of cryptocurrencies fluctuates from one second to the next, and from one exchange to the next. We adjust our prices every day or two to reflect market conditions.

If a certain cryptocurrency offers more value at the time you are ordering, we recommend you place the order using that currency.


  • Who are you guys?

Etherical is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. We operate in the territories of the Internet and the blockchain.

Our diverse and highly experienced international team of analysts, coders, consultants, designers, entrepreneurs, advisors and investors bring a unique set of talents to this exciting new investment space.

We passionately believe that the blockchain offers new opportunities for wealth creation. The success of our fund will build our brand for the future.

The Etherical team have a background in Internet software, e-commerce, angel and early stage investing, corporate finance, due diligence, IPOs and trade sales, cryptocurrency, cryptography and ethical investing. Through our global network of relationships we have access to many new digital tokens at substantially reduced prices.

Our philosophy is Buy Low, Sell High. The technology might be new but the principles of investing remain the same. Digital tokens offer new opportunities to profit in multiple ways from a single investment, and we have the right combination of skills, connections and experience to get into the best of these at the best price.


  • How Can I Follow You On Social Media?

Find us on the Internet via:

Telegram (Announcements):


Telegram (Community Chat):


Twitter: @ethericalio








 Reddit: /r/ZEA




Read about Etherical at Medium.

Here is  a step-by-step guide to setting up MyEtherWallet.

Our partner zMint Limited has created some videos to help people get started on the blockchain.


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