Portfolio Update

Presearch hit a new high on Coinmarketcap of 27.5248, a gain of +26.5% from Etherical’s buy price. The price of PRE has been a little volatile but seems to have solid support.

It is currently at 24c, still a gain of +20% for Etherical. We seek gains above 100% before considering exiting some or all of our positions.

Etherical is increasing its position in SHELTERCOIN (SHLT). This is currently showing a gain of +25% from our buy price. They are still in the early stages of their pre-ICO and keep getting pulled into disasters, presently the Thomas Fire in Southern California. Expect a PR blitz in the New Year.

Things are moving extremely quickly with Envion’s ICO. Etherical’s investment has already appreciated from US$0.70 cents per token to $US$0.80, a gain of +14.2%


| Zug, CH / Berlin, DE Dec. 19th 2017 |
Already raised since Dec 15th: 34,793,900.41 USD

Envion signs Letter of Intent with Enel

Envion is happy to announce that it has signed a LOI with Enel Trading North America, LLC for a potential power supply cooperation for envion’s MMUs.

Enel is a Fortune 100 company.  The Italian multinational manufacturer and distributor of electricity, operates in more than 30 countries with 70,000 employees and 70 billion euro of revenue (2016). Enel Green Powercurrently operates 1259 renewable power plants with 41521.37 MW capacity in Canada, North-, Central- & South-America, as well as Europe, South-Africa and India.

Envion intends to deploy Mobile Mining Units directly at ENEL power plants for cryptocurrency mining operations.  Both parties intend to discuss the possibility of entering into an electricity offtake agreement.

Enel is also on Fortune’s “Change the World” list for its commitment to become CO2-free by 2050. Envion’s goal is to access the least expensive electricity sources on the planet – using a very green, eco-friendly energy mix. For example, Mexico’s energy auction just logged the lowest solar power price on the planet — purchased by Enel.

A breakdown of the winning bids, published by Electrek, shows Italian developer Enel pitching two solar lots at $17.70 per megawatt-hour, or just 1.77 cents per kilowatt-hour — the lowest bid achieved anywhere in the world so far. (read more)
Enel Website ● Enel Green Power Website ● Enel on Wikipedia
$5 million contribution from major investor caps off envion’s blowout $30 million weekend.

A major investor made a massive splash with a $5M ticket to lead this weekend’s USD 31,000,000 combined investment, eyeing a third-party-operations deal up to nine figures after the ICO and boosting envion’s ICO fast towards its goal.

The investor, a private investment vehicle from Hong Kong, is not currently involved in the crypto mining space and could purchase 1,000 MMUs if the full terms of the deal were to be executed.  This Third-Party Operation business (TPO) will directly contribute to token holder profits since envion shares 35% of TPO mining operations profits with all of our ICO investors.
Envion sets the stage for complete domination of the blockchain infrastructure space

The map is filling up with locations for envion MMUs as envion accrues deal after deal with global energy industry players. Partnerships like those proposed with Enel, Fortuitus AG, and a long list of potential partners stretching from Iceland to South Africa and Japan will assure that envion MMUs gain a secure foothold in world energy markets

The time to invest is now.  
Envion’s early supporters have already benefited from a 30% discount and a 20% discount is currently available to those who invest before Thursday, December 21st at 12pm GMT.

Visit https://ico.envion.org for your opportunity to invest alongside some of the biggest companies in the world and make your mark on the map alongside envion.